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Add sent/scheduled date and time on new dashboard

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Add sent/scheduled date and time on new dashboard

Please put send dates back on the dashboard!

Status changed to: Voting Open

Thank you for the feedback! Time stamps would definitely be helpful. We will pass this along to the proper teams.

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Lots of good info but one important piece missing: the date the email was sent.  To find out, I have to click on the individual campaign.

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I miss having the sent date at a glance when I look at the list of sent campaigns. I know I can click to get it but I like to see the pattern, if I've sent too many for the week or if we can do another, and when each program last went out.
Hi, It would be great if the time/date of a scheduled sent would be visible in the pages/dashboard/home - default - view when logging in. Without having to click and open up the campaign to check the send time. Thanks for all your great improvements!