Adding thumbnails to simple share

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I've had an awful time trying to get the "insert image" to work on my simple share on my campaigns today. I click on "add image" and nothing happens! I refresh and still nothing. Very irritating and frustrating that my Facebook posts won't have my clever/cute images to entice people to read my campaign. Hope you can get that fixed quickly!!!
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I am sorry to hear this was happening. What version & browser are you working in when this happens? Also, what type of campaign are you trying to share?


I found this post looking for an answer to the same problem.  I am currently using an old PC, however, it has lots of space and speed for images.  I never had this problem before.   I can't add a thumnail to my facebook post.


Hi @GlendaS1 

The age of the computer shouldn't matter as long as the system is compatiable. It sounds like it is since you've been working without a problem until now. What browser and version are you working in? Do you have another browser you could test in to help narrow this issue down?

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