Adjust timing before "Are you still working?" message pops up

Could you please change the length of time it takes to get logged out due to inactivity? I find it kicks me out too quickly and a constantly logging back in. Thanks!

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Is there a good reason that you should log us off automatically after about 15 mins - many other web apps allow you to stay connected.

And when you log us off or we manually log off, why not redirect back to the actual logon screen.

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Thank you for the feedback @RobertS77,


The automatic log off is for security reasons, as your account contains sensitive information (Contacts, credit card info, etc.).


After 15 minutes of inactivity you should see an overlay asking if you are still working-- which will stay up for another 15 minutes. 


Great feedback about bringing you back to the login screen!  I'm going to share that feedback and open this up for voting.


I like to stay logged into CC all day. I hate the 25 minute automatic timeout/logout feature. It's not like someone is going to use my personal computer to hack my list and send an email. My office is secure. Why must CC be more secure than my bank?!

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Hi @LesF  thanks for sharing this feedback with us! What are some cases where you find yourself needing to be logged in for more than 25 minutes at a time? Are these times where you are still actively working in your account, or have it open idle in the background?


I use Cc throughout  the day - adding people to my lists, doing maintenance, setting up mailings. Therefore, every time I use it I need to re-login. It's annoying. 

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I agree.  The logging off is a real pain.  I am on for hours at a time and take 1/2 hour breaks for health reasons or handle interruptions, etc.  I don't want to have to log on 10 times a day!


What makes it worse is that I'm not really logged off.  It looks like I'm logged in (with the "are you still there question") and then I do some work and then it says it can't save it.  So that's another pain.   I would prefer to be really logged off if you need to do so, not put me into this twilight zone.  Very very frustrating.


At the very least, give me an hour to take a break.   This is not a security issue as most users don't need a parent telling them when to logoff and what level of security their environment requires.  This sounds like it's CC not wanting to have that many ports open - it's a financial thing but coming at the cost of user frustration.  If I were an exec at CC I would not make that tradeoff - bad business strategy.


Brian Boyle, PhD



I am the only one using my computer. It's on a secure network. I should be able to leave Constant Contact open all day if I choose to. As a part of my job I have to occasionally pause to answer the phone and it's so frustrating to have to log back in after each and every interruption. And it's especially frustrating when I lose work as a result of a timeout.


Why isn't this a custom setting? And why was the other thread regarding this issue locked and marked as solved when it's clearly not?

On the login page, there's a checkbox to save username but not password. Can you please enable password saving? Either provide that or prolong the auto-logout grace period. I have to login in this numerous times a day and it's highly inefficient, not to mention annoying. Thank you. Khim Yang, editor of AFM.

I'm new-ish to using Constant Contact but it did not take long for me to be annoyed that I had to login again because I was busy elsewhere for over 25 mins. As others have noted, this feels like an individual setting that could / should be editable.


Hope you guys implement this feature, at least as an option to disable in the settings (enabled by default)

It is without a doubt, the most annoying thing about ConstantContact (after "Website occasionally loading slow or with errors")


hi @user402483 at this time we do not have a time estimate of when this feature will be updated! However we thank you for sharing your feedback. The more requests and kudos a feature request thread receives the higher of a priority it can be given by our Product Team.

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Need to extend the logged in period for users- we like to keep it open during our work day to take call-in registrations and are always having to sign back in.
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I composed the subject line some time ago and just saw it as a prior idea, but apparently I never sent it.  I just would like to say this is a problem with CC's automatic timeout on their website.  I want to complement CC on working on it because now the message occasionally tells me that I have been logged off.  Apparently it is a website interaction problem.  Really is nice they are working on it.

Hi, folks: Is there any way to increase the time that I remain logged in to my account. I find that I often need to log in several times while working on my campaign. Thanks.
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Can we get longer logins?

It seems I get auto logged out after what, one hour?  Two, maybe??
The "Remember My Username" checkbox is old and deprecated now that browsers can handle username/password autofills.


It should rather be "Keep Me Logged In" for longer sessions of at LEAST three hours or more.

While I can appreciate some larger organizations have different members for logins, I don't think those who intentionally opt-in for a longer session really worry about unauthorized access.

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I posted a new suggestion for the EXACT same thing, and then stumbled upon this thread.
I upvoted this for prioritization.


I know that "we do not have a time estimate of when this feature will be updated" is an easy canned response, but as someone who understands scripting, I know that it's simply a fix of literally one *tiny* little integer on your backend for cookie expiry.
The idea that it could take your dev team many months to rectify is extremely dubious...

Security concerns are appreciated, but yes MANY of us login at home on our personal desktops, and need to come back to a campaign build after a lunch break or similar.  Don't wanna keep logging in overandoverandoverandover....


c'mon, you're asking too much. 


it can't even save your browser state from one second to the next.  any connectivity glitch and constant contact gets confused, an error that other websites don't have anymore.

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