Allow HTML editing through website builder

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Please allow HTML editing in blog posts. Without this, it makes it difficult to attribute authors, create backlinks, add social sharing buttons, etc. manage H1/ H2 tags; or do anything that requires embedded code snippets. These are very typical practices for making blogs posts effective.

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Hi are you looking to insert HTML into your Website Builder page? If so we have seen cases where Website Builder support has helped customers with any issues in the editor you may have come across. I would suggest calling this team at 866-816-5602.

This is not an issue to resolve. It's a request for feature enhancement. How can I ensure it is submitted for consideration?

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi thanks for clarifying this post for us. Currently with the blog section of our Website Builder, there are some tools that let you add HTML to specific sections but never modify pre-existing HTML, such as within the blog. But this is a great feature request we are tracking in our system. We are also opening this idea up so other users can weigh in as well.

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