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We had a campaign that we wanted sent at a certain time and could not do it.  We should be able to pick the exact time we send.

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Hi @KristinaT7 - Thanks for the feedback! You should be able to schedule a campaign for a future time if you choose the "Schedule for Later" option it will allow you to pick a date and time down to 5 minute increments. Were you looking for something different or more specific?

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We are an organization that works in homeland security - we wanted to send emails t 9:11 - so we wanted something very specific.

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That makes sense - thanks for helping clarify. We will open this up to get more feedback and use cases on this.


For some additional background, the time that an email is scheduled for will be the time that it starts to send, but that may not necessarily be the time it will be delivered by. A lot of it will depend on things like the size of the list being sent to. 


Thanks again for the feedback.

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