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Automated Campaigns.

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Automated Campaigns.

When you look at your campaigns that will go in the future. There is NO WAY to see the date they are scheduled to go out. Only the date created which is not important at all.
CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @Cohesive!

Thank you for your feedback and for reaching out to the Community! As Automated series can have various triggers and therefore times where contacts are being queued, what time frame or date would you find the most helpful on the campaigns page? 

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Hi Maxine,


I think your clients are going to love the feature like me and schedule multiple campaigns.  I wanted to get my whole year done now, so I uploaded them.  Then there is no way to know what date all 10 campaigns were programmed for without manually noting them.  The date modified is far less important than knowing the launch date and time IMHO. 

CTCT Employee

Hi @Cohesive,

Thanks for getting back to me. Just to confirm, you are looking for the date the first email within the series will be triggered for, is that correct? To dig a little deeper here, what kind of Email Automation trigger are you using? 

CTCT Employee

Response from @Cohesive: "I use the basic trigger that when a particular button is clicked asking for info on our training, that a second message goes out about that request."


Thank you again for reaching back out! So with this click series, are you looking to have the scheduled time and date for email #1 in the series to display on the campaigns page under the name of the automated series?