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This is the most pathetically lame excuse for an "editor" that I have seen in over 30 of experience in the IT field. Don't fix it, don't update. Just throw it away and start over
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Sorry to hear you aren't liking our editor.  Were you giving our new editor a try?  I'd love to understand what you didn't like about it so I can voice your feedback.  Thanks!


There are a few positives to the new editor, like the drag and drop capability and the mobile preview.


However, we will not be switching over until it includes the ability to add tables (we do a lot of pricing, so tables are ESSENTIAL), and the ability to make minor HTML coding edits. We've had many frustrating days using the new editor, so we're sticking with the "old" one for now. I understand the need for mobile device scalability, but when you offer a block that's supposed to have three images across with text underneath, why do they stack -- on a desktop monitor, not a phone? What's the point of having a block like that to drop in if WYSIWYG is *not* what you get?


Also, while we're making suggestions, on the new editor it would be helpful to choose a default email address to send test messages to. In the old editor (which we use), it's me, so that's really useful. In the new one, it's my boss, so I have to change it EVERY time.


Please keep us posted if these get updated in the new version, and we'll give it another try.


I agree with KarenD67818, there are some positives to the new editor but the things I find lacking in comparison to the legacy:

  • Ability to adjust HTML (this allowed us to edit the social icons customized/branded icons)
  • Ability for all items to be 100% width, and ability to adjust the padding on items - Text boxes seem to have padding on the left and right, backing them narrower than a full width image, this is frustrating that it can't be edited
  • Ability to create columns with tables - Could place text next to social icons instead of being inline
  • The removal of the "Forward Email" in the footer (though ideally, you would add Share on Social as an option)

Other suggestions:

  • Add alternative layouts of "Read More" inserts - such as: Image right/text left and visa versa along with the default image at the top/text below

Basically, CC tried to make the editor more user friendly, but by doing so assumed all their users lacked any sort of development skill and took away a lot of useful aspects of their old editor.

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