Campaign issue

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Campaign issue

Under your new Campaign creator, it doesnt give the option to save for later as a draft, only 'send now' or 'schedule for later'. Also to go to the old version when using custom code, its not obvious and you have to click on a link via another link, it should give you the option of either choice at the beginning!
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Thanks for the feedback @user061116 ! In the new custom code editor, you can still save an email as a draft by clicking the grey Save button at any point in the creation process (both in the editing view or on the scheduling page where you see the other "Send Now" and "Schedule For Later" options.


On the scheduling page, I do admit that it looks a little tricky at first glance if your intention is to save it as a draft:


Schedule Page.png

The grey save option will still save it as a draft, even though the default scheduling options default to Save For Later. Scheduling options are only honored when clicking the blue Schedule button. If you ever want to double check you can always go back to the Campaigns page after saving to ensure it still shows in Draft status. I hope that helps clear it up, but feel free to let us know if it doesn't!