Campaigns and Lists Combined

It'd be great if Campaigns and Lists were combined into a more comprehensive view.


Sent campaigns show the list name associated with that campaign but doesn't immediately show the list of contacts (each specific name).


Each contact activity shows engagement details, but doesn't how a preview of the actual email all in one record (like a thumbnail popup link) for each campaign.

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This is a really interesting idea, thank you for sharing.


I understand the last part where the engagement details on the contact record could show a preview (or some more identifiable information) about the campaign itself. 


I'm not sure I'm clear on the first part about sent campaigns not immediately showing the full list of contacts. You can click on any of the stats to get a detailed list of all contacts that make up the metric (in this case the Sent list). Are you wanting to filter that list of contacts by the list they were on? Or just not have to click through to the detailed report and have the full list of contacts show without the extra click?

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From Campaigns>Sent, I clicked on a sent campaign and I see summary details for that campaign.


This page includes "Email Send Information" (from name, from address, lists used, etc) and "Email Stats" (open rate, bounces). Could you create a pop up window to open immediately that shows all the contacts in this sent list? Right now the lists used for this specific campaign are shown, but are not hyperlinked or available.

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That makes sense, thank you for getting back to me!


We have something that might work for you. Instead of navigating from the Campaigns tab, you can click on the Reporting tab in the account and scroll below the chart. It should list your sent email campaigns by name and you can click into any of the stats (including Sent) to get a full list. From there you can export or edit the contact information right on the page. However, the list names aren't shown in this view so if that's necessary for you then perhaps this way isn't any more convenient.

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That's good to know that there's another view. But yes, we were hoping for a single view where everything is accessible at once. Thank you!


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