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I'm a happy user of CC, but the latest feature of taking me to a Canadian site is driving me crazy. It's extra clicks for no extra value. I'm wondering if you could remove that feature. Thanks.
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Sounds like you may be hitting a bug @KristinaS1395,


That pop-up should only happen once if we recognize you are logging in from a Canadian IP address.  Are you?  And if so-- it should only pop once unless you are logging in using an incognito/private browser, or if you regularly clear your cookies.


If neither are the case, let me know!

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Hi Patrick


I am logging in from Canada. I get sent back to the "go to Canadian site" page every time the timer expires on the CC page. I'm not logged in incognito or with a private browser. I use Chrome on a Mac. This happens to me several times a day even thought I don't clear the cookies. I do love using CC. This is really the only glitch I've found.


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