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For several days now I have been phoning and leaving messages and no one phones me back. At first it was a simple enough enquiry but now I have serious concerns about your company. I want to cancel my account!!! I sure wish you'd answer your phone or call me back.


Hi @LisaMP

I am sorry for the frustration! I see you talked to someone on 4/9, 4/10 and today, 4/13. Were you able to get the help you needed?



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No, that is not right at all and I'm not prepared to waste any more time on this issue. I'm very displeased with Constant Contact.  What incredibly lousy service for $545 per month for a premium package.


HI @LisaMP

I'm very sorry to hear this. If you would like me to take a look or help with any problems you are having I am happy to!



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I need to cancel account, but constant contact number gives busy tone. I tried four separate times. Please cancel this account.
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totally unfait orgnaisation as we cant cancel our account even you are an international company

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WOW!  I also wish to cancel my account!  I am in Australia!  I have removed my payment details from the account as you are not to action any further payments!

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