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I just wanted to share that the Recent Emails Page is much more annoying than an assist.. when it goes there by default instead of to ALL Emails.. We typically have several email campaigns being prepared in advance and I ALWAYS have go to the View All Emails.. is there any way to make this the default? or do away with that screen altogether? 


Appreciate You Listening!

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Hello @LaurieD7,

At this time there isn't a way to make this the default screen when logging in but that is a great idea! I will be opening up this idea so other users like yourself can vote and comment. 

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I don't like the new page that loads when I log in to Constant Contact. Is there a way to make it load the CAMPAIGNS view instead of the MOST RECENT CAMPAIGNS view?
Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @Squantum  are you looking for your account to automatically load to your campaign's tab instead of this home dashboard? Or are you looking for a larger amount of campaigns you want to show on this dashboard? 

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Please stop displaying the dashboard when I sign in. I do NOT like it, and I'm tired of seeing the picture of that man on the right. I don't like this page at all. PLEASE go back to the default page being the instead. OR at least give us the option for which of the pages we prefer to be loaded. Thank you for listening.
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