Confusion between All Campaigns filter and folders

Confusion between All Campaigns filter and folders

I was told I could move unwanted drafts into a folder. I moved them. I do not see them gone from my screen. So as not to cause me confusion, by the differing names the Support teams have used, I need them gone! I believe the ability to delete campaigns need to be rethought. I can perhaps see why, however, the many are being punished.

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I don't understand why Move is not an option. I want to move my old emails to a folder to make accessing current information easier. I copied them and then deleted them from the campaign and they, of course, no longer exist except in the deleted folder. I want to clean up the existing emails so that I don't have work my way to the place where I have to work, but I have to wait for each section to load. I wanted an improvement but this doesn't seem to be it.
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I have 730 emails in a year. To move them to a folder, I want them to go from the mail list so that I don't have to deal with them again and again. I keep working to find a solution to your enhancements. What a mess you have created for me. I want this to work but I have to spend days making your enhancements work for me. Thanks for doing all that work that creates mountains of work for me.
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Drafts should ONLY show up in DRAFTS FOLDER, period. Unsent emails should NOT be in Unfiled, period.
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When filing old campaigns into a new folder, it would be helpful for CTCT to remove that campaign from the 'current' folder.


For example, when I move old events into my 'old events' folder, they still show up in the main Events folder.


It defeats the purpose of moving them to a new folder.

Once we select "move a particular campaign to a folder" please allow the campaign to be "removed" from the sent folder and actually "MOVE" the campaign to the folder you selected. 

Please develop a way to actually "move" a campaign to a folder and have it REMOVED from the Campaign Folder. Would be so helpful to clean up the campaign folder


On the My Campaigns screen it would be helpful to be able to easily see which campaigns have already been saved to a folder.  Right now I have to toggle back and forth between folders and complete list to see what has or has not been saved.