Confusion on Folders Location in New List View

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Folders on redesigned campaign layout. Not happy with random updates. I am not happy about Constant Contact doing random updates and not letting the customer know. We do not get any e-mails letting us know about any updates and once we log in the next day everything is different. I also think there should be an option if we want to update or not just like our cell phones on the app store. I prefer my folders being on the left hand side where they were because it is easier for me to go back and forth, as you can see I have a ton of folders because we represent 10 product lines. In the future I would like to see customers being able to update if they want to and also getting an e-mail beforehand so we are not blind sided. This is the second time now that I have logged into CC and something has changed without me knowing before hand. *If there is a way to go back where my folders can be on the left hand side please change it.* Please take this in consideration. Thanks, Ryann Rupp - Rupp Safety Associates, Inc.


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The new folder layout is terrible for users. Takes longer to find anything. Nothing seems to be able to be filed away.

I'm not aware you asked users (your customers) about this before the change.

Please provide the option for the original view - I am actively looking at other systems as this layout is unusable and we won't be staying with CC if you don't change it.

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Hi @RuppSafety thank you for sharing this feedback with us! We have opened up this idea so other users can weigh in as well.

Very disappointed that you drastically changed the format for your Campaigns. The visual layout and functionality of the previous system was much more user-friendly. And the drag and drop option was a great feature as well. Change for the sake of change is not always a good move... Hiding the folders just makes it more confusing and harder to find things. -- Pam Mola, Community Foundation of Eastern CT, New London, CT 06320;
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Hola! Interacting with the new list view of campaigns for the first time, I find that it is not efficient. To put my campaigns into their respective folders, now, instead of simply dragging and dropping, it requires FOUR clicks to get the campaign into it's folder. My vote is to change it back to where there's a column of folders on the left to drag and drop into. Enjoy your weekend!
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The latest update dealing with campaigns and folders stink. I keep my list of campaigns current and short and file the others. The "improvement" has all of the campaigns listed. I could click and drop campaigns into folders. Now I have to search for folders. I must select the campaign I wish to move, click on an action dropdown, click on move to folders, click on the folder, and the campaign STILL shows in a long list. Why have folders? This is very frustrating.

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