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Hi CC: Your Contact Segments feature needs an "Activity" if this + that function (a second dropdown, perhaps). I want to choose: Contacts that "Opened" but did not click the RSVP widget we used. For some reason, the segment "Did not click" does not cover RSVP activity, perhaps b/c other things are clickable in the email (like the header or footer). The un-captured contacts must have clicked something in the email, but did not RSVP. This is perhaps an oversight in how the RSVP widget functions with segments — however a VERY important one if our firm wants to use this for client outreach. Thankfully this was internal, but would have been a nightmare if dealing with 1000's of contacts. I wouldn't want to create a new user list just for the un-captured RSVP'ers.
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Hey @MPS-Architecture, thanks so much for sharing this feedback - I'm going to open this idea up for voting. 

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