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Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer

I would like information on adding countdown timers to campaigns. It appears that CC does not support. Ideas?
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needed needed needed :grinning:




I am an Aweber customer as well as a Constant Contact customer.  I see that others have requested that you enable the countdown timer feature in Constant Contact which is a feature that can help us increase conversions and sales dramatically.  This is a feature that Aweber offers.  If Aweber can do it I have to believe that Constant Contact can offer it.  Are there any plans to enable Countdown Timers (such as Motion Mail) inside Constant Contact?  


Why oh why is this not being offered yet .. 3 YEARS after the first suggestion and a PROVEN conversion tool .. other email services are offering it .. Constant Contact is behind the times on this service.


I agree...we truly use this type of software with our fundraising campaigns. I agree that one other product that we are considering does offer.


I am also in need of a countdown timer. Looks like you can do it in Mail Chimp, but not in Constant Contact... 

This worked for me -

Instructions -

This is the site that I used to generate the countdown timer -

I hope this helps. 

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A countdown clock is most needed to help in fundraising and in meeting goals.


Thank you

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A Countdown Clock would be GREAT!  We have several events each year with sign-up deadlines, and a countdown clock would be an eye-catching addition!

I am using motionmail in my eblast, when I preview it works fine, but when I send the emarketingit is not counting down, any suggestions as to why it is not working correctly?


Yes, please add a countdown timer!