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I think it would be useful for Constant Contact to make their content relevant to their audience by only including content for the market they're sending to. I'm sure this can be done with tags, lists, etc. I live in Canada and receive US-only technology options.  I took the time to reply and offer this idea to a company that specializes in content delivery. If I continue to receive content that's not relevant to even my county, I'll simply opt out of newsletter communications. Thanks.

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Hi @MatthewC4 are you looking for content related information in Constant Contact newsletters sent from us? What US-only options offers have you received? Having any further details on these country specific features is helpful information to share with our Product Team.

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Thanks for replying, @Frankie_P.

At this point, I'm looking only to receive newsletters that are relevant to Canadian-based customers only.
The most recent newsletter was related to info using text-to-join to generate leads (subject line: "Generate leads with Text-to-Join."). Upon opening the email I read that it was only available to U.S. customers only. I spend enough time as it is with email management and computer, I'm certainly not looking for more :-).

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