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Coupon / Custom Code

First, you guys are doing great! Keep up the great work. However, if there was one feature I wish you had it would be this...., In an email (Regular, or Automated - In my case, automated) At the bottom of the email I can add a Coupon button. From what I understand, I can make this a random code that is sent to the customer each time they sign up. that way no two customers get the same code. This is a great feature except for me in my situation. I have a Car Wash and I use Innovative Control Systems as my POS. These are stand alone pay stations that have the ability for the customer to enter coupon codes without any employee interaction. Unfortunately, the coupon code wont work unless it was generated by ICS. So it can't be a code generated by your company. It would be great if I could generate lets say 100 random codes. Then I upload these codes into Constant Contact and each time a new client signs up one of these codes is used in the coupon section instead of a random one generated by Constant Contact. Basically, I'd like to use my own random codes instead of codes created by you all. I did try out a free trial for Coupon Carrier for MailChimp and it worked for what I needed, but they also want $50 per month to use this feature and I am a small business and that isn't worth it to me right now at this point. So if there was an option to use my own codes then that would be great! Thanks again and hope this feedback helps!
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THanks for submitting your feedback. At this time we will be closing this due to the number of votes it has received. Feel free to come back and submit your idea again at any time.

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