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Saturday night, a little after midnight local (EST) time, I got an e-mail from your support team. That seems odd to me, maybe your team has determined that the Saturday night at midnight is the best time to contact customers. So odd...


The e-mail asked me to complete a survey about a recent support request, but to be honest, CC has been so unreliable lately that I don't really know which support request was being surveyed. It specified Tier 2 support, but still.... I've had so many things broken, or simply designed in ways that flummox my capacity to understand (like sending customer e-mail at midnight on the weekend), that I went from being a big fan, when I started using the product in last October, to wondering how difficult it would be to export all of my data and find an alternative a few months later. That is an amazing turnaround in customer satisfaction. I really just don't remember which issue(s) went to tier 2.


I guess that my suggestions would be

A) When asking about the outcome of a support request, from a customer who has had many support requests, remind them which issue you are surveying

:sunglasses: Some of the questions, I'm really not sure if it was resolved, or how many calls it took, so maybe an "I don't remember" option in the multiple choice check boxes.


I will probably stick with the CC product, because it is easier than switching, but it would take a LOT of work to turn me back into a fan, to make me recomend this product to others.  My greatest hope is that you put in that work, and make it happen, it sure would make my life smoother and easier.



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Thanks for this feedback! The survey is sent automatically from the system so I am sorry to hear about the timing! I think a reminder of the incident would absolutely be helpful so thanks again!

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