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Each time I have tried contacting the early support team or the 866-618-5420 number I have waited on hold for 20+ minutes. It is very frustrating that I signed up for a 60 day free trial and on that same day was contacted several times by a sales rep and was I told I needed to sign up to get the full benefits, so I at their advice I did. Now that I have signed up and have been charged it seems my concerns or happiness are no longer important. I would strongly recommend putting more time and money into keeping your customers happy rather than more time and money on sales reps looking for new customers. The features with your service sound great however without any help on how to use them they are completely useless. I hope this is an isolated incident because if it is not I will be demanding a full refund.
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Hi @NickS5950

I am sorry to hear of this experience. Support is available 7 days a week via phone, chat, email. We've also got support staffing Twitter, Facebook and this Community to help. Unfortunately there are peak hours and times where phone support can be a bit busy but have you tried one of the other support channels?


Support Hours:

  • Monday-Thursday
  • 7am-11pm EST
  • Friday
  • 7am-9pm EST
  • Weekend
  • 10am-8pm EST


Feel free to post here with anything we can do to help!

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