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Customized Link to Button

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Customized Link to Button

It would be nice to have the feature so that the URL link to button can be customized based on contact's information. For example, link for user A would go to URL A while link for user B would go to URL B when clicked. Right now the URL link is just static.
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Status changed to: Open Questions

Thanks for the feedback @QiweiS! I have a potential solution for you, I'll let you tell me if this would work for your specific use case.


If you're an Email Plus customer, we do offer a "Dynamic Content" block option which can also apply to button blocks. The idea is, you could create two button blocks (one with URL A and one with URL B), and then you can use the dynamic content option to choose which which contact details should be used to determine who should see the block with URL A, and who should see URL B. Here is a really good Knowledge Base article that goes over the steps


Let me know if you think that works for you!