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Dedicated IP

You should consider having your larger clients, such as us, with a better shared IP when sending out emails. Although we have been with Constant Contact for years, we are currently using Bronto, as well as testing other email clients. We have many subscribers stating they never receive the emails we send through constant contact but receive them when sending from other platforms.
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Hey @IvanL2, thanks for your feedback! With having a dedicated IP address, are you wanting more of a custom IP address for your account specifically in order to send campaigns?

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Occasional Participant

Hi Chris, yes precisely! Has your team launched that service yet?


Thanks for the follow up! This is not something that we currently offer as a service, however, I am going to open this idea up for voting as there also may be more of our users that would appreciate this type of service. If you would like to see this idea implemented, make sure to kudo it! 

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I would also like this and would pay extra.

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