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This screen is not terribly useful for us and is incredibly annoying. I would rather go to the full featured page and use whatever features I need than constantly have to skip by this annoying page which only has limited functionality. Help! Make it go away!!

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Hi @MacEgel. I'm sorry to hear that the new dashboard isn't useful for you. What could make this work better? 


Hello Caitlin:

When I am working on CC I often need to switch back and forth between the current email and sent documents or drafts. I work intently and quickly, and typically scroll down the list on the My Campaigns page for more recent documents, use the lists in my Folders for specific searches, or go to the calendar or general search when necessary. Most of this I cannot accomplish from the Most Recent Campaigns page- and I hit this blasted page every time I must leave my current project. It is disruptive of my workflow and for some reason incredibly annoying. You would laugh if you were in the office where I work- every time I hit the new page it seems to elicit an audible howl of frustration. And to add insult to injury, it has now apparently become the landing page when one logs in! Ugh. I suppose that I will eventually get used to dealing with this useless thing, but would be delighted if CC would allow let me to opt out of it, or move it elsewhere where it will not get in the way.

I have never complained about anything in years of using CC, but this one is a lulu. Please make it go away.

Thank you,


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Thank you for clarifying. I can see how going to a chosen page upon login would be ideal so you can get what you need right away. I'll open this up for voting.

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Please, please, please stop jumping to Campaigns after login.  Since you log people out WAY TOO SOON AND TOO FREQUENTLY, at least take me back to the page I was working on (when for example, a phone call meant I didn't engage with the page for an hour and poof!  have to re-login and then click through to find the page I was working on.  This is extremely annoying and time-consuming.  At least have a setting for when you want to be logged out.  Many of us are working alone [no spies!]  and don't need to have such a short window in which to work.

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