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Demco Signup

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Demco Signup

Please add features similar to Demco Signup: How would you like to be reminded? "email" "text" "never" & How many days before the event? "1" "2" "3" & option for automatic waitlist
CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Open Questions

Hello @JeffZ ,

Thanks for reaching out to us with this feedback! Were you creating an event campaign or were you using the RSVP block in your email when you were looking for a similar feature? 

Are you looking for the ability to send out text message reminders, or would this be for you to reach out separately?

Occasional Contributor

This is part of the event campaign. We currently manually create email reminders to registrants and I send them out two days before the event. Researching Demco Software: Signup offers an option for automatic wait-lists and allows the user to decided how they are reminded of an event (text or email). 


I am looking for the ability to send out a text message reminder to those who registered for an event. The manual email reminders only see about a 50% open rate and I see a 30%+ drop off rate at the event.