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Hello, I was just speaking with the tech department from the Dominican Republic. It was difficult to understand or even hear him due to both his accent and the poor quality phone service to or from the country. That is my first complaint on this. My second and even bigger complaint is he could not answer my question which is fine, but he transferred me to a department (Account Review and Deliver whom had originally transferred me to his department, but I digress). The transfer was made with zero input from him...not informing the rep of the situation or problem, not telling the rep I had already been verified, telling the rep absolutely nothing. This is an enormous waste of my time with having to once again verify myself and also explain the situation over and over ad infinitum. I am now on my 5th transfer and still my question has not been answered.
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Hi @LizB571 thank you for sharing this feedback with us. We apologize this is the experience you've had with our Support! This is definitely not the experience we want our users to have. With that said, I have taken a look at your account and can see you were able to successfully connect with our Support after all. Are you still in need of assistance? If so please respond to this post, we would be happy to help point you in the right direction.

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