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Hi! It seems yourcountry drop down list is missing CUBA. Also, I wish you'd let me type it in, it's so much faster than scrolling for the country I need to enter. Thank you.
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Hi @DavidM499 where are you looking for the option to select Cuba as a a country? Having any further details on this is helpful for us to make sure your feedback is tracked appropriately. 

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I have made this request before: Please add CUBA to the country drop-down list or leave it open so I can type in a country. Thank you.
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Hi @DavidM499 at this time not all countries are available in the drop-down menu for an organization's address. Countries not in the drop-down menu are prohibited due to the current economic sanctions from the U.S. government as listed in our Terms & Conditions. We also have this article from our Help Center that helps go over this information as well. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!

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