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would like the option to control the sign up form right now there is not
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Hello @MarkP1845,

I just want to take a moment to fully understand your feedback. What about our sign up forms are you looking to control?

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We would like the pop up not to be in your face. Thinking a roll up or slide in that isn’t persistent. This way when their cookie goes away they don’t have to look at the pop up every time they visit. 

Call me if you’d like to discuss more. 


Hi @MarkP1845,

I think that having the sign up form slide in is a great idea! I want to open this idea up for voting so other users can share their feedback on this idea. 

Timing of your sign up form is actually a feature included in our email plus package. with this feature you can tell your pop up form to display options such as one time only, once a day, once a week, and more. 

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Hopefully you’ll get a lot of votes.  Certainly would make a visitors experience more pleasant. 


As as for email plus, would seem your goal is to get us users to 10k subscribers and by making the pop up advanced features the higher priced version is counter productive since you cause the bounce rate to increase. We’ve already seen a 6% increase in bounce. Your goal would be better served  if you figured out how to help us early users to reach that high level without forcing us to the higher payment which only differentiates until 10k. 


Your bounce rate shouldn't be increasing as your contact tier increases. There are different reasons why a contact may be bouncing and typically it's related to things such as the email address being spelled incorrectly, or an issue with the ISP. You can learn more about the different reasons and what to do about them here. I'm curious as to why you think your sign up form is the reason behind the bounces on your account though? Was there something that lead you to believe this?

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We are just starting with cc. We check our bounce rate before we add the pop up.  After we use the pop up the bounce rate is measured and it increased. 


Bottom line we think based on this and that we don’t want our readers inconvenienced that your pop up isn’t worth using. If we could do that roll up I mentioned then we can accomplish our goals and also avoid the one design issue you have in that once someone does sign up if they delete their cookies they will forever have to endure the pop up. 

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