Email sign up pages exist long after you close your account!

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Did you know that after you close your Constant Contact account, your email sign up page still exists and collects names and emails for at least 4 months? They keep the data in case you decide to come back, but this means that you may be collecting data that you never see, and your clients think they have signed up for emails, but will never hear from you.


We found this out because we had to close our old account and open a new one. The old email sign up page has continued to collect sign ups. We had many links to this page on our website and elsewhere on the web--we did our best to change these links before closing our old account, but some may still be active, especially on websites that we do not own.


Constant Contact--when an account is closed, couldn't you change the landing page to reflect this? In our case, a redirect to our new Constant Contact sign up page would have worked beautifully, but I was told that is not possible. Couldn't you change the page to say that the account is closed, or not active--to make it clear that anyone signing up will not be receiving the information they want?

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Hi @AMIQuebec 

Thank you for your feedback! You are correct, we do keep these pages active in case you want to come back to your account. However, similar to your situation, there may be times where an account will absolutely not be reopened, so having a redirect link or a message saying the account was deactivated is a great idea! 
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