Enable Non Contact Flow for Forwarded Emails with RSVP Blocks

If I forward an email that I have received with your RSVP block in it, to another person, and they also click on the RSVP (yes I am attending) button... CC analytics won't register that an extra person RSVP'd because they weren't on the initial send.... So in situations where we know that our invite email will be forwarded to others so they can attend and RSVP, we will be using a link to an EventBrite page instead. This creates another step of work.. but it will log each person who RSVP's because it asks them for an email address etc. So I suggest that you look at Eventbrite and mirror their functionality in your software. You're almost there. :smileyface: Thank you.

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Yes, I would agree that the Event suite of templates are antiquated and do not match up to the  look and functionality of the 3rd gen editor.  I hope it's in your plans to update the Events Email Templates/Landing Page/RSVP page.  They just don't look polished like the 3G emails do, and are not very flexible, so they look terrible in comparison to everything else I send out on my clients' behalf.

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Had the same problem so will not be able to use the RSVP bloc as we want to capture any forwards/clicks for a company-sponsored event



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