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Events on Marketing Calendar View

Events on Marketing Calendar View

I don't find the Marketing Calendar View (under Campaigns) very helpful since it does not include any emails created within an event.

Status changed to: Voting Open
Please include "events" on the calendar view. I have more events that emails, and it would be helpful to see them on the calendar at one time. It would also be hugely helpful to be able to see events from the app on my mobile device.
Occasional Organizer
Why is there no calendar view for event campaigns??
It would help if the Calendar could show scheduled emails for both Campaigns and Events. We would like to be able to track our outreach and be sure not to overwhelm our members. We have to track that manually.
Occasional Contributor

What is Constant Contact's recommended solution to view all Constant Contact campaign events on a calendar?

Frequent Visitor
Campaign Calendar View only shows emails and holidays. Can I have it show the actual events as well (scheduled and completed)?