Font availability

Font availability

Our company has a specific font that we use for all of our communications (Rotis Sans Serif Std) and it's disappointing that we're not able to use this in constant contact. So many other things are able to be customized, but the preset fonts available will not work for us.
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Thank you for the feedback @KenS635,


Currently we limit the availability of our fonts to use ones that are typically safe to use on the web.  When your email is sent, depending on what email client or site your recipient opens the email in, they may not be able to view specialized fonts.  As a result your email may look distorted or do some funky things if your recipient can't view that font.


We do appreciate the feedback, and I'm opening your feedback up for voting



I really think that it should be up to the customer to decide which font to choose, even if it isn't "web safe". You can have a notification explaining the potential issue, but restricting us this way can really alienate companies with more strict brand guidelines. 

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Please allow custom font sizes rather than just the standard options