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Please add the option to edit form field sizes, form field text sizes & colors. So I can make fields easier to read/edit on tablets, for example.

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Hi @LewisMarine. What type of form were you creating? Our Landing Pages have the ability to change font, sizes and colors. 

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Hi Caitlin, thank you for your quick reply.


I created this landing page:


and yes I can change the fonts for the description of the field, but the text is too small on the actual field where customers write their names, emails, company etc. See attached. Our customer base ranges from young to older people and we would like for all of them to have the ability to read what they are typing to avoid errors. On an iPad it looks even worse. Thank you. We will be using this form this coming Friday so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Thank you @LewisMarine. I apologize I wasn't able to get back to you in time. Although the text size can be adjusted, the field will stay the same size. I'll open this up for voting

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