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Free trial

I felt tricked after signing up for free trial time when i learned it only applies when there are no more than 100 contacts permissible and a phone consultation is also only possible after paying.

I think that should be said CLEARLY when signing up for free trial. It would also really boost confidence in your company to see that you are straight forward. Now you have sown doubts. Why? Is that pushiness worth it? Let it be free for a month or 2, really free and then most people would gladly sign up and recommend you..

CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Voting Open

Hey @RenataC06, thanks for your feedback. I have opened this idea up for voting so we can also get a better understanding of where other users are wanting more information on the trial limitations.



Thank you, Chris, for your quick action on this subject.

Who will be voting? The employees? the community?


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No problem @RenataC06! Feedback is open for everyone to vote on, discuss, and share their input on. We do have knowledgebase articles that go over what features the trial offers, but I understand you'd like to be showed that when opening up a trial account.