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For Pete's sake, this is so un-user friendly any time you use anything but a PC. The Mac format is so much better for any pictures or anything from an art form. Update please
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Hi @StephanieS799

Can you tell me more about what isn't working on a mac? Since we're a web based program we are compatible with multiple web-browsers, like Safari and Chrome. There are a few older versions we no longer work with but here's a full list so you can verify that you're working in a version that works for Constant Contact. We're happy to troubleshoot anything that you are finding different on a mac, just let me know the details!

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I am having trouble as well.  My inline form works on every platform except Safari.  How can I fix that?

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Does constant contact allow you to do superscripts? I am trying to add one and it isn't working and I need it for my content.