Give new subscribers access to recover deleted campaings

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When will new subscribers have access to recover deleted campaings?
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Hi @LatoshaC3  what type of campaign are you trying to send? Also by deleted campaigns, do you mean previously sent campaigns? Or campaigns you have deleted and placed in the Trash folder of your account?

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I was working on a campaign somehow it ended up on the calendar to be sent on a future date Dec 7th.  I was like that should not be on the calendar as it is not ready to send,.  I deleted what was on the calendar.  When I went back to my list of campaigns is was also deleted from the list of campaigns.


1.  Why does starting on a campaign assign it to the calendar with a projected/ scheduled send date?  I should be the one to select this not Constant Contact for me.

2.  Why does deleting a campaign from the calendar delete it entirely from my account

3.  Why don't I have a trash folder.

3a.  The help menu states that since I became a member AFTER Oct ??, 2021 this feature is NOT available.

3b.  Why would a helpful feature such as recovery from the Trash folder be removed/ not available for NEW subscribers.  That sounds backwards.

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