Go back to the old format/look

I don't like the new "Look"!  I was confused when I opened my Constant Contact this morning.  I will probably get used to it, but I don't do changes well.  This one I really don't like.

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Hi @Weco_Tracy

Thanks for posting, I am sorry you aren't liking updates to your account. Are you seeing updated when you login or when you are working on an email? Is there something specific problem you are running into?


The new format loads super slowly, events & emails are jumbled together, and when you can finally click through to the filtered page it still takes forever to load...in the wrong order. Let us go back to "classic mode" please!


This is a TERRIBLE update.

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I agree that the new format is not as good as the older version.  It is extremely limiting and should not have been released until it has the same features as the previous one.  There is no way to insert a table or to have three images in a row.  The layouts are very limited and not as easy to manipulate.  I am sticking to the older version.


I agree.  I am struggling with this new format.  I was online with a representative for a long time just to figure out how to add a text box.  He has to do research to figure it out.  The older version was much easier to use. 

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I agree. I opened the CC to quickly post my next newsletter, and there is nothing quick about it. I rely heavily on photos in combination with my text. –above the block or below it –in different layouts.  The new version does not give but several options for placing photos into a block of text.  My subscription expires next month and I am already looking at new options for my newsletters.


Product upgrades need to be thoroughly tested before released.  New releases should not ruin a product.

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i hate the new format.. it keeps giving me errors.. we need to be allowed to switch back


Hi @KathrynS368 what browser are you working in? What are the errors your receiving? Can you provide any screenshots with their specific wording?

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We Should HAve The Option Of New And Old!!

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