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Your company needs to reconsider your "customer service" tactics. I was simply looking into Constant Contact yesterday to see if it would work for me. I decided that it wouldn't. I got a phone call just now from one of your "Marketing Consultants" who asked me very intrusive questions that I did not want to answer and when I was politely explaining why I wouldn't be using Constant Contact at this time HE HUNG UP ON ME! Unbelievable! To top it all of, I got a notification that this "consultant" had looked me up on LinkedIn before he made the phone call. So intrusive and weird. I will definitely not be using constant contact after this upsetting experience. At least MailChimp doesn't harass their users. I would like to cancel my account with Constant Contact but I don't see a way of doing so, which makes this all the more upsetting.
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Hi @McKenzieB403. I'm so sorry that this happened and that your experience with our Sales team ended in a negative way. I have forwarded your feedback from here and our conversation on Twitter to the correct teams. You will no longer be contacted by Sales and I will cancel your trial with us.  

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