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Please don't do that. I'ts not a good start to a Monday morning to find that emails I knew nothing about looked like they were being sent to our contacts.


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Hi @ElaineM14

Thanks for posting about this. Can you tell me a little about what is confusing? In your screenshot I see that you sent an email to you lists (the Confirmation email) and you also have a live Event running (13AIPPS). Was one of these un-intentional?

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The second of the two emails in the screenshot is part of our current campaign. The top one with the original date of 3/17/13 says it was sent on April 10 (yesterday morning).

I hope it wasn't, as that email was a template for a conference we held 4 years ago. 

I opened it up and the text read:


Dear Ray,

Here are some helpful tips when emailing registrants for an event:


  • Do email registrants about important changes to the event's location, date or time. If the change occurs very close to the event, you may also want to follow up with a phone call.
  • Do generate excitement about the upcoming event by sending reminders, interesting information or additions like new speakers.
  • Don't send too many emails to an event's registrants. While a registrant may welcome updates and reminders, they may not want to receive multiple mailings per week about the event. The appropriate frequency can vary widely by industry and by type of event. Put yourself in your registrant's shoes and ask yourself how frequently they think about the event and if the information is critical (like a change in the event dates) or not. Typically, less critical information should be emailed with less frequency.
  • Do focus on the event. Keep your emails about this event. If you include information that's not related to the event, there's a risk that recipients could view your emails as spam.
  • Do use a consistent look for your event communications. This email is already branded with your event title, but if you customized your event invitations with a particular image or set of colors, make those same changes to this email.
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I think I see what happened, but don't know why it should have. I dragged the email out of the trash were I put it yesterday morning to get a screenshot or copy of it for my previous reply, and the sent date changed to today's date. 



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