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Home pictures

Home pictures

I'm really tired of seeing the same pictures when I log in! We - Stoney's WINE LOUNGE - have been longtime customers of Constant Contact. Why not use one of our pictures?!

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Occasional Contributor

I use my adblocker to prevent loading the image. Speeds up the page load too.

Occasional Contributor

Campbell, for CC she was terrific in helping use the system and not be intimidated by it please change the log in picture, it is boring please find a way to cull the contacts easily

All Star

I agree.  New pictures please.


To Whom it May Concern,


Username -  has been using Constant Contact actively since October of 2007, and is interested in the prospect of becoming one of the featured businesses seen on the main log in page.  Would it be possible for someone to contact Martin Bogdan at email address xxx in regards to this?


Thank you in advance!

Occasional Organizer
Hey, Constant Contact! Remember the good ol' days when you rotated photos on your landing page? Those of us who use CC every day are getting tired of seeing the lady with her face averted. Would love some variety in your landing page!