Homepage add contact has been removed

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You had an amazing feature that I could add instant contacts from the home page by typing into a box and press add contact... THIS HAS BEEN REMOVED! I NEED IT BACK!!!!!!
Please return that panel to the client "home page". It serves a lot more purpose than the profile panel.
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The dashboard just eliminated the quick-add function for contacts that was on the right hand side and I'm really bummed! I loved that function. Please bring it back!
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Hi @PerryJ38 , @TBentley1 , and @TonyD5492 thank you for sharing your feedback on this! What steps would expect to take to add contacts into your account through the homepage? Where would you want this tool to be re-added? We have also opened this idea up so other users can weigh in as well.

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Please put an "Add Contacts" button on the home page. It will eliminate the need to go to the Contacts page before I can add a contact.

Where is the add contact button??? Why make this so hard? The intuitive aspects of constant contact are disappearing as you change things up. What gives?


Hi @BelleS76 where in your account are you looking for this add contact button? Here is how you can add contacts in our updated contact management dashboard.

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