How do I get OUT of your slow-performing Beta app?

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Ugh. Everything is taking too much time now.
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Sorry to hear you're having problems. I'm not sure which part of the product you're referring to when you say beta app. Are you experiencing slowness in a particular area of the product, such as only when managing contacts? Or do you experience slowness throughout all of pages in your session? Is it safe to assume you're logging in from a computer, or are you using the mobile app? 


For issues with slowness we can check to see if we have anything reported once we learn the particular area of the product and do some testing ourselves. We typically also go through some troubleshooting questions/steps to determine if the issue is isolated to a particular browser or network if we're unable to reproduce the issue ourselves. Page speed just unfortunately has many factors that can cause different results. Any additional information you can add about your issue would be helpful. 

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