I May Cancel You Before I Have Even Gotten Started. After 2 one hour tech support calls, you cannot

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You cannot get a sign up form to work on my website. I had to add plug ins, edit hmtl code and you guys can't figure out how to make your stuff work. I was told someone would call back today. I even called you and was told I would get a call back> YOU NEVER DID. YOU LIED TO ME. Is that any way to start a relationship? I spent 4 hours creating a mailing campaign, hours adding my imports from Infusionsoft to lists so I could do a newsletter, took time to train and created templates. All that work and I am going to have to cancel you because you can't make you stuff work and because lie to customers, making promises to call back that you do not keep!!! I will be unavailable all day tomorrow and it will be almost impossible to make time Friday. I am going out of town AND I NEED THIS WORKING!!! If I have to cancel you, I will post all over social media how much time of mine you wasted and how nobody should ever use you. I even referred someone to you already and now I have to call them to apologize! Have you considered testing your product before you put people through all this work only to give them a product that doesn;t work and no support?

HI @CassiEubankHypnotherapy

I am very sorry to hear of your experience with the sign up form process. I do see a manager reached out to you at the email address on your account with more information. Have you been able to check that out? It sounds like the trick was adding an additional line of coding specific to Wordpress. Here's an FAQ for reference. 

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