IPad CompatIbility

It would be very helpful if CC was fully compatible with my iPad.  It's a bit frustrating and concerning to have to revert to using my old, tired and marginally reliable PC in order to perform some of the functions on CC.

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HI @SteveM975

Can you tell me a bit more about what you want to do on an Ipad? Have you tried the app for editing emails on mobile?


I too would like to use an iPad to create and edit my emails and campaigns. For some reason, this is not possible from an iPad. I can open the document, but when I click on the edit icon, it doesn't open up the edit window, it just highlights the text box. 


I can only create and edit on my desktop and who uses those these days. We are a mobile society and need all our programs to work across all platforms. 


Says to get the app, got it, but said the CC email was created on the web and app wouldn’t work, went straight on-line, that wouldn’t work either. 

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Thanks for your feedback! At this time we have made some developments to our functionality with our apps. If you continue to run into trouble you can let us know and we can reach back out!


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