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Improve the Plain Text experience, please!

Improve the Plain Text experience, please!

Here's what one of my contacts just said about Constant Contact's Plain-Text email:


"The minute I opened the year-end message, I saw that yet another of

the 501C# orgs that I support is being disserved by Constant Contact.

"Their disdain for your email results in me getting the message 
reproduced below. For security reasons I use a text-only mail reader.
Constant Contact sends multipart-alternative messages supposedly to
provide plain-text mail in addition to pretty HTML. But the way
they extract plain text would draw a low grade in a freshman
computer-programming course: simply run together all the text
parts of the HTML. Any beginning programmer could do a better job
with a few hours work. Their dereliction reflects badly on
their customers."

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CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Voting Open

Hey @AndrewK645, thanks for your feedback! I've opened this idea up for voting. If you agree with this idea, please kudo it! 


Thanks again for sharing your feedback!