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Landing pages Location

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Landing pages Location

On the Sign-up Forms page, it's the landing pages (legacy and new) is very confusing, because you don't know where you're being taken when you click. I thought I'd created one and then couldn't find it, only to find it later under Campaign Types on the Campaigns Page, versus the old spot. Something clearer would be helpful.
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CTCT Employee
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Hi @GloriaS526!

Thank you for your feedback. Over the past few months, we have had various updates to our product. We had updated the Sign Up Form experience, changing where the "Legacy" Landing Pages were stored. We also just recently implemented a new Landing Page creation experience. With all of these recent changes, I absolutely understand and agree with your feedback. As we are moving towards the new Landing Page experience, where would you hope these landing pages would live? Would you want the "Legacy" Landing Pages to be moved over to the Campaigns page as well?