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Language of account

Language of account

We should be able to translate everything we send. We would like to use the event form registration but we can't because we need it in spanish and you only provide the english version. It would be perfect if we could modify the custom fields like "First Name" "Last Name" "When" "Where" and stuff like that.. think about it.

As a Canadian company, we need to be fully bilingual in our communications with our clients. We are able to create a welcome letter in English and French to new susbscribers, and send eBlasts in both English and French. The problem arises when one of our contacts unsubscribes. The message on the screen is uncustomizable and only appears in English. This would be highly inappropriate and insulting to our French clients. This needs to change for Canadian companies immediately. We may need to stop using Constant Contact due to this issue.
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I'm pretty sure a lot of ppl needing this feature, they just didnt find this post and go to mailchimp....

I would like to estubiera in several languages
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@CollinS34 wrote:
I work for an Hispanic serving institution and many of our student's parents only speak Spanish. When developing my communications, it would be nice to create campaigns where the information that cannot be edited could be changed to Spanish, while the primary language for the account is English.

Thanks CollinS34 for your original post and thanks ConnieP069 for your comment. My company operates in Switzerland with three official languages, and we are experiencing the same issue. If the customer wishes to update or unsubscribe, all communications and list headers appear in English, or a mish-mash, English and German. Has Constant Contact resolved this language issue?

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Other products allow you to translate into foriegn languages. That would be nice.
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It is entirely ridiculous that we have to change the language of our account profile > log out > then log back in and create a new campaign from scratch in order to send a campaign to clients with a different language.


A waste of time.  Can't Constant Contact setup a better alternative?