Logging Out Too Frequently

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Hey, A lot of times we like to leave Constant Contact up on our computers throughout the day to work on email communication. It is really frustrating to leave the desk and ten to fifteen minutes later it's logged out. Also, the system often messes up and loses progress made and says it cannot save and has to reload and we lose a paragraph or more of what we've been working on.
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For christ sake!!! After adding many contacts your dam program logged me out causing me to loose all the work I had done!!! Happens again and I am friggin done with this program!!!
This is more a comment than anything. When I time out and am prompted to log back in, when I click to log back in, I am getting sick of being passed to the screen pimping your mobile app...and then having to click log in again. When I click log in, I want to be passed to the page where I enter my credentials, not an advertising page for your mobile app. Stop it.
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I keep getting logged out for no apparent reason. This happens even when working with only one tab, for example, when trying to post a feedback comment like this.
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please move the log out back to the top bar rather than burying it in the drop down menu.
It is too hard to go between accounts. i send out emails for multiple organizations and it is too hard to go back and forth. also, a lot of the emails are the same and it will be good to be able to link the accounts so that i can more easily copy and paste.
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