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In your Sign Up creation form, you give a place to insert logo, but each time I do, part of our logo is clipped. You should either: (1) give recommended dimensions, or (2) give us the ability to resize the logo! Such a frustration.
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Hi @MikeM.44 I reviewed your landing page and I don't see the logo as being cut off. Logos will resize to 200px on this page but I can see how being able to resize images to have the image appear larger could be useful. I'll open this up for voting.

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Yes, I found a logo that would fit the height of the rectangle. That doesn't solve the issues, however, since it was hit-and-miss until I stumbled upon a size that worked. Would be far better to be TOLD what size is optimal for your program in the window under the location where we insert the logo then to have the ability to crop and/or resize, if necessary, within CC rather than to exit, open Photoshop (or whatever), resize, import and return to designing email. That seriously interrupts my work flow.

Hi - It would be great to be able to enlarge the photo/logo at the top plus have paragraphs instead of one big block. Thanks - Cynthia
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