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I have an idea. When you send out emails to anyone, though we are a customer, it would be really great if we could just tap on your logo and get straight to your site.

Should would be nice!! Hope you'll consider dong this.

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Hi @DebbieJ58. What type of email did you receive that didn't have a link back to our website?

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Reply from @DebbieJ58 

Thank you for responding.


This one and any from your company. When I put my mouse on either the logo or full name it would be nice if I could just click on it to go to your site.

I highlighted what I’m speaking of.


Thank you for the clarification. We use a few different programs to send out notifications or marketing emails so this wouldn't be one fix. Even if the logo itself isn't linkable, there is usually some kind of call to action that will link you to your account, whether it is a button or a link. Just wanted to point this out! I'll open this up for voting

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