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I am trying this out for someone as they want to be able to expand on their marketing efforts. I love the setup and would suggest adding a mail merge option. I work for a software company and we offer Health Records software. I would love for the practice to be able to download an excel spreadsheet with their customer information and be able to send an email campaign or send a mail merge to printing company for things like birthday cards, holiday greetings or more personal mailings for their 'special' clients (e.g. cancer survival patients, families that lost a loved one, etc.) Either way I love your product and will continue to suggest it. Thanks!

HI @LarryB019

Thanks for posting this feedback. Just to clarify, you can add custom information to each contact and include the fields in your emails as a variable field. The most obvious example of this is birthdays. You might send a monthly birthday offer and customize the date with the specific field of contact information. You can import this information via excel file if you want or you can update each contact as needed.


How do you categorize this information now? Is it included in another CRM service as part of the contact information?

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